KTM To Focus On MotoGP In 2020

Today KTM announced that they are withdrawing from competing in Moto2 at the end of this year and will re-brand their Moto3 effort under their Husqvarna name. KTM have previously run the Husqvarna brand in Moto3 in 2014 and 2015.

KTM have endured a difficult season so far in Moto2 since the class switched to using Triumph engines. It is thought that KTM will still have a close relationship with Aki Ajo’s team so that they have a stepping stone team in the class for their prospects.

This is to focus all of their attention on making their MotoGP motorcycle competitive over the next few years.

KTM AG CEO Stefan Pierer: “We made a proactive decision here at our home grand prix to renew our stay in MotoGP and commit to another five years of competition.

“This is part of a wider strategic view and we now have seven years to rise towards the top of the MotoGP class; the same period of time we needed to conquer the Dakar Rally.

“We know we are firmly on the way and have made good steps in less than three years already.

“As part of this outlook we want to boost Moto3: it is the foundation and the base of road racing for us. It is where we began and where we are one of the leading brands.

“We see a very good opportunity here by bringing back Husqvarna with force; there will be a new bike and a special direction with this project. All of this movement means we will pool our resources and energy and as a consequence we will step out of Moto2.”

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